Misunderstandings: The Fact That Could be Controlled Easily...

All of us have irritating experiences of being misunderstood, but from where is it originated and how can we manage it?

It really depends on the mentality and prejudice we have about the happenings of the moment and even the people there. For example someone initially says to himself: "Hey! Look. He seems to be so angry man and he doesn't smile anymore". The words like anymore, anytime, and never need to be used more cautiously.

Many of the sentences with these words are not correct and are just guesses according to few experiences with someone on a particular aspect of his/her personality. "You never let me speak."

You never sense what I say" "you never" and so on. As we look at these sentences, we understand that a little particular requirement or application is not met and the person says sentences like that to put the shame on other guy and meet his/her application and doesn't mean that the thing never happens or the other person is inconsiderate.


Our Mind takes the sentence seriously and thinks the sentence is true and the other person is really inconsiderate which affects our relation with the people around us. We should be careful about the words we use. Our words create our mind. Our mind creates reality. Therefore, our words create reality.

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