Heart Is Important Too...

"Education of mind without the education of heart is no education at all" «Aristotle, 384BC - 322BC». Very insightful! We need to warm up our heart and take care of it. Heart is the source of happiness and good feeling and if it's looked after, we lose our sense of life. Alive people are merely not dead and, like them, they don't enjoy their time and being at all. This is the sign of lack of education of heart. If the heart is educated to love people and generate kindness beside the mind, which is trying to keep ourselves safe and leads us to enjoy our rights, we will be complete and nothing will effect out happiness. Happiness is the substance of life and without it, we can't bear the happenings. Have you seen some people who are skillful in generating happiness and we want to be with them forever?

Those people have educated their heart to be kind and generate happiness on its own.

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