Don't Let Anyone Steal Your Brain

We are all humans. We all know what it means. It means anything that other people can perform, reach, think of, etc we can do. Of course talent is a huge source which helps us progress, but it only decreases the time required to learn something and after a while, as our experience increases, tremendous results will be achieved. This means that we as humans have the same rights and should insist on our rights. We shouldn't ignore our rights because someone tells not to do it. It's hard to distinguish whether someone violates our rights or not. Any action that makes your life difficult mostly in your mind is considered violation against our rights. Even in love... Love is a strong feeling that sometimes people can't control and lose their initiative rights. We should be aware that heart's job is to fall in love, but when your mind loved something, that is a worthy thing to love. Again, "worthy to love" not worthy to close our mind and ignore the initiative rights and principals.

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