Anything Beyond (3)

What is the criteria of existence? We see an object as volume and mass, or we see indicators of something like heat or smoke, etc. In some cases, we feel something like emotions. Emotions exist among us because they influence us, but why can't we show our subjective view of these emotions?

We can sense emotions, but since we are limited by our ability to empathize wholly we don’t understand the emotional dimension. Further, our deeds are labeled as "good" or "bad."

Consider stealing or cheating, which we can agree is bad, and helping people feel well, is good?

The "bad" and the "good" labels exist because they also affect us. They have direct emotional influences, economic influences, and social influences.

Historians, artists, theologians, economists, lawyers, and politicians all argue about “good” and “bad,” but are any of them right? Is there an objective answer?

In a society ruled by absolutes, being unable to understand something as simple as this may mean our society is not sufficient.

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