Anything Beyond? (2)

Updated: Mar 24

What if our sensations have a reality somewhere else?

Simply put, we are able to observe the objects or events only if they are in our sensations range of perception. For example, if we can see, hear, smell, taste or touch something, it exists in our reality. But do abstract realities of the human condition happen only when we can sense them? Don't we have feelings? How can we show the love? These conditions are very important and have a lot of interpretations, but can anyone define them precisely?

We can understand these sensations through empathy. By putting ourselves in other people's shoes we can imagine, through our empathetic nature, the abstract sensations that come from an experience. Thus, it's very difficult to define “love,” however, as humans, we are able to show the situations and generally understand the sensation at a fundamental level. Unfortunately, we can only understand these sensations from our biased experience of these abstract concepts. It is very difficult to empathize wholly from another's perspective. This can result in us believing our world is incomplete, because we can comprehend the basic sensations but our lack of a precise definition for them makes it very difficult to express these abstract concepts.

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