An Approach Into Reality...(7)

Let us recap this most recent series so far. Wisdom helps us understand what is going on in our surroundings based on previous experience. Instincts are more primal and based in evolutionary behaviors that protect our lives by helping us react at a moments notice. Furthermore we have fundamental needs. The love of beauty, freedom, immunity and peace of mind. We also considered dear art as a lovely princess that can affect our emotions.

Although we see the shortcomings and faults of our emotions and we know they can't be the principal standpoint of our life, we haven't seen the signs of the "Love" and the "Dislike or Hatred" and their important ‎effects on our lives. Despite not being the principal standpoint, they can direct our actions.

In the new series "Have You Been Aware Of...?!" we will apply a deeper look at love and hatred and their effect on our lives and decisions.

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