An Approach Into Reality (4)

Instincts lead us, in many cases, to do things we haven't trained for. The question is what exactly stimulates these instincts? One of the instinct’s main desires is to remain. But do all our actions reflect our desire to remain? If so, why do we see brave national soldiers defending our country? Why do they knowingly risk danger of injury and destruction? What motivates them to sacrifice themselves? There must be something more than the desire to remain. So what is it?

Almost all people want to have a high quality of life with peace of mind near the people they love. People don't want to live in a pigsty and be cheated or be lonely in their lives. So the love of beauty could be considered a principal aspect of being human.

A child born by potentially all humans, which is known, sensed, and loved is dear Art! Art originates from our desire of beauty and our dislike of anything that takes peace of mind from us. We take showers, try to be fashionable, and keep our houses clean. All these behaviors are originated from this lovely desire! But is this adequate to be called human? What other desires could be playing a role?

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