An Approach Into Reality (1)

As we realized in the ”Anything Beyond" series, we can realize what love is, but when we want to express it we struggle to do so. We realize what love is but we can't express or define it. But one question arises: Are the emotions themselves the principal fact of our creation? In many cases our emotions are not right and cause us to make mistakes.

Previously it was discussed that art can trigger emotions and lead them. It seems that the emotions, despite being so deep and originating from infinity, they are not the principal foundation of our lives. They seem to be more tools than reality, don't they? The deeper question is whether there are any more fundamental features in our lives.

Let's consider a phenomenon. We see a lot of people who are able to control themselves when they dislike or hate something or someone. How can they tolerate it? How can they suppress their emotion? Is there anything beyond that is able to manage the emotions?

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